Wage Parity Attestation Due End of Day Monday, May 31!

All members providing Medicaid billable services in Nassau, Suffolk, or Westchester counties, or New York City are reminded that Wage Parity Attestation must be completed by midnight on Monday, May 31. The electronic attestation is to be completed by a person who has the authority to legally bind the agency, such as the CEO or CFO. If you were unable to attend either the Department of Health (DOH/The Department) webinar or the Community Health Care Services (CHC) program today, you may review the Wage Parity Attestation User Guide, which contains the DOH slides. All the pertinent regulations, including last year’s amendments, can be found on the DOH dedicated Wage Parity webpage

Similar to EVV attestation, the entire process takes just a few minutes if your online account is already established. However, that’s no reason to wait until the last minute!

Log into the eMedNY Provider Enrollment Portal to begin the attestation. This is the same portal as is used for EVV, NOT the site used for ePACES. Choose Wage Parity from the menu on the right. Note that just as with EVV, the email you have on file with Medicaid as your correspondence email must be correct and current. If you are unsure of the email on file, call the Help Center: 1-800-343-9000. 

When you’re ready to attest, choose Attestation Form under Useful Links on the Wage Parity page. If you have multiple licenses (e.g., an FI and a LHCSA), each license requires a unique, separate attestation! Additionally, you must correctly choose the entity type from 3 options in order to proceed: Non-profit/volunteer; Govt/Public; or For-profit/proprietary. The entity type will determine which company officers are eligible to attest.  

HCP implores you to thoroughly read every item in the attestation, which may vary for different provider types. Among other elements, you are attesting to records retention and proper payments of all wage parity monies to workers.  Note that there may be action items listed; you are attesting that you have (or for certain items, will be) completing these items as indicated in the form.  The form indicates that Wage Parity statements and independent audits are not required until June 1, 2022. You are attesting that they will be properly completed. 

If you need assistance, contact DOH at: [email protected] For a thorough, detailed breakdown of Wage Parity Attestation and an overview of changes in the law, as well as coverage of next year’s requirements, today’s CHC Wage Parity webinar is available as a recorded session for purchase. 

Take Action to Pass S.6640/A.7304 to Repeal the LHCSA RFO

Take Action to urge passage of S.6640/A.7304 to repeal the Licensed Home Care Services Agency (LHCSA) Request for Offers (RFO).

With precious few session days remaining as the early June end of the legislative session approaches, HCP urges its members, their staff, patients, vendors, friends and supporters of the home care industry to TAKE ACTION to pass a bill to repeal the LHCSA RFO.

The LHCSA RFO was created during last year’s budget process, with no opportunity for input or feedback from the home care industry. HCP’s top priority this session is to get this policy repealed from the law.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven one thing beyond question; people prefer to be and should be cared for at home. Patients are safer, more secure and do better when cared for at home.

The LHCSA RFO will serve only to further disrupt a severely underfunded and evermore critically necessary service for the frail and elderly.

The current scrutiny and uncertainty being experienced in home care because of another RFO, the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) RFO, is evidence too strong to ignore, that applying an RFO process to LHCSAs would create even more havoc in the home care industry and must be repealed!

In just a moment’s time you can make your voice heard! Take Action using HCP’s grassroots action center to urge your representatives in Albany to PASS S.6640/A.7304 which would repeal Public Health Law Section 3605-c–the LHCSA RFO.

Using HCP’s grassroots advocacy center, take a moment to send a message to your state representatives in Albany, urging their support for home care. Please, also share this grassroots advocacy effort with your staff, vendors, family and friends of home care, whether by the link or sharing on social media.