DOH to Hold Webinar - What's New with the Flu? 2020 – 2021

Thursday, November 5, 2020
9:00am - 10:00am ET

The What’s New with the Flu? 2020 - 2021 webcast will focus on the latest information on this year’s recommendations for influenza vaccination. Speakers will discuss the burden of influenza illness, including national and New York State data. The webcast will review the benefits of influenza vaccination and resources for the current influenza season. 

The webinar will provide participants with expanded knowledge and competence regarding the 2020-2021 influenza season.

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Application DEADLINE Friday, November 6 - HHS Phase 3 Provider Relief Fund Application

Applications for the Phase 3 General Distribution application deadline approaches on November 6, 2020. Providers are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to expedite the calculation and distribution of payments.

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Under the Phase 3 General Distribution, which began accepting applicants on October 5, 2020, HHS invited providers that had already received funds to apply for additional funding that considers changes in patient care operating revenue and expenses caused by the coronavirus. 

Successful applicants will receive a baseline payment of approximately 2% of annual revenue from patient care plus an add-on payment that considers changes in operating revenues and expenses from patient care, including expenses incurred related to coronavirus. All payment recipients will be required to attest to receiving the Phase 3 General Distribution payment and accept the associated Terms and Conditions.

HHS received feedback from many voicing concerns regarding this approach to permissible uses of funds. In response to concerns raised, HHS is amending the reporting instructions to increase flexibility around how providers can apply PRF money toward lost revenues attributable to coronavirus. After reimbursing healthcare related expenses attributable to coronavirus that were unreimbursed by other sources, providers may use remaining PRF funds to cover any lost revenue, measured as a negative change in year-over-year actual revenue from patient care related sources.

A policy memorandum on the reporting requirement decision can be found here - PDF.
The amended reporting requirements guidance can be found here - PDF.

Application Portal Here.

The Application Toolkit can be found on the HHS website.