During the COVID-19 outbreak, HCP will make its News Alerts that feature COVID reporting available to all home care providers.

DOH Extends Deadlines for LHCSA Private Pay Pilot 

Today, August 11, the Department of Health (DOH, the Department) distributed an amendment to the LHCSA Private Pay Pilot Invitation.  The amendment (Amendment #1) officially modified the Invitation with respect to the Schedule of Key Events dates as follows:

Participation Proposals Due extended to 8/19/2020 from 8/12/2020 

Approval of LHCSAs for Participation extended to 9/9/2020 from 9/2/2020 

Agreement between DOH and LHCSAs extended to 10/7/2020 from 9/30/2020

The LHCSA Private Pay Pilot Invitation web page is accessible on the DOH web site. 

DOH also Releases FAQs on the LHCSA Private Pay Pilot Project

Last week, DOH released answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the Pilot Project. The FAQs are available on the DOH website.

The FAQ document provides responses to questions received regarding the NY State of Health Invitation and Requirements for Licensed Home Care Services Agencies to Participate in the NY State of Health Private Pay Home Care Services Pilot Program. DOH will continue to update the document as additional questions are received.

NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to Hold Briefing on COVID-19 Resurgence Planning

Join the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH) for a briefing on COVID-19 Resurgence Planning. NYC is offering this webinar at two times for scheduling convenience; please note that the information shared will be the same at each event. 
NYC DOHMH COVID-19 Resurgence Planning Briefing for Healthcare Stakeholders

Register for 8.14.20 1-2PM WebEx Here 
Register for 8.18.20 2-3PM WebEx Here