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Statewide Vaccine Eligibility form

  • The NYS vaccine eligibility form offers appointment scheduling after eligibility has been determined.

Instructions for the Public from DOH (last updated 1/4/21)

Additional Resources

Mobile Health NYC (3/2/21)

New York City Vaccination Locations

New York City Health & Hospitals Vaccination Locations and Scheduling (updated 1/12/2021)

Additional NYC and Long Island Vaccination Sites (updated 1/8/21)

Statewide Vaccination Appointment Links (last updated 1/5/21)

SAMPLE – Vaccine Eligibility Letter for Home Care and Fiscal Intermediary Workers (last updated 1/13/21)

COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility flyer.pdf (last updated 1/14/21)

NYS Vaccine Logistics

Clinical Resources

State Vaccine Resources 

NYS Vaccine Policies

Educational Resources 

Federal Vaccine Resources

HCP is proud to be in partnership with Lets Get Immunized NY to help promote accessibility and science-based information and policy on vaccinations.


At the Let’s Get Immunized NY link you will find the latest information and facts on the COVID-19 vaccine, vaccine resources for the New York State general public, and FAQ’s. This link is also updated regularly with the newest vaccine related developments. 


Let's Get Immunized NY - 12/15/2020

New York State COVID-19 Vaccine Locations and Scheduling Options - 2/11/2021