Vendor Resources and Assistance During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 health emergency progresses we asked HCP Associate members to share some solutions that may be of assistance to providers caring for New York's most vulnerable population under new directives with limited resources. If you have any questions about the information below, please email Marissa Crary


Company Name: CareConnect
Type of resources offered: Online/remote eLearning for caregivers and staff,  online COVID screening, online COVID prevention course.
Cost associated with this resource: COVID-related services = free; eLearning = cost (discounted)
Telehealth services: No
Additional Information: Daily COVID screening for caregivers and staff; COVID prevention course (free); and online/remote eLearning for training for staff and caregivers. Self-assessment (screening) tool now is available in multiple languages – English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.
Effective methods to optimize caregiver workforce; How to reduce cost penalties and increase number of caregivers ready to work and increase number of shifts per scheduler.
Contact Name: Maria de Lesseps
Phone Number: 516.318.1729
Email: [email protected]

Company Name: Medflyt, Llc
Type of resources offered: In-app training for COVID-19 and in-app prescreening.
Cost associated with this resource: The COVID-19 in-app video we are offering complimentary to everyone. However, the prescreening does bear a cost.
Telehealth services: We are currently working on collaboration with a few potential vendors.
Contact Name: Levi Y Pavlovsky 
Phone Number: 718.753.0404
Email: [email protected]

Company Name: Nevvon
Type of resources offered: Education/training, Covid-19 training, Screening
Cost associated with this resource: No
Telehealth services: No
Contact Name: James Cohen
Phone Number: 416.617.1446
Email: [email protected]
Company Name: Viventium
Type of resources offered: Payroll tax compliance webinars and blog articles as it relates to COVID-19.
Cost associated with this resource: No
Telehealth services: No
Additional Information: Viventium has designed our COVID-19 webinars to help you learn about the latest changes in legislation as it pertains to COVID-19 laws. Register today, and start learning!
Contact Name: Steve DiOrio
Phone Number: (908) 675-2456
Email: [email protected]

Insurance and Employee Benefits

Company Name: Risk Strategies
Type of resources offered: Insurance and employee benefit consulting. Current assistance with employee communication and downsizing due to COVID-19.
Key Questions for Employers and Employees in NYS Home Care When Reducing Workforce Through Layoff
Cost associated with this resource: Costs are generally built into our products. We are happy to be a resource during these challenging times.
Telehealth services: The telehealth services we provide allow employees to have $0 cost physician and medical consult
Contact Name: Bryan Pendrick, Paul Essner and Sean Rosenfeld
Phone Number: 516.336.5964, 516.336.5950, 516.336.5962
Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Company Name: Wage Parity Experts
Type of resources offered: Wage Parity, Insurance Services
Cost associated with this resource: Yes
Telehealth services: No
Additional Information: In response to COVID19, instead of mailing physical benefit booklets to agencies, we are providing FREE custom landing pages with benefits information for employees. Landing pages are branded with the agency logo and any relevant information regarding their Wage Parity benefits.
Educational Programs: We would love to provide education on using technology to stay compliant with new wage parity guidelines.
Contact Name: Jamel Wright
Phone Number: 201-351-8105
Email: [email protected]

Marketing Vendors

Company Name: DCD Marketing LTD.
Type of resources offered: Print Media and Marketing
Cost associated with this resource: Yes
Telehealth services: No
Additional Information: We can print and distribute/disseminate literature, as well as products etc. to homes throughout the 5 Boroughs of NYC.
Contact Name: Mitch Vilinsky
Phone Number: 1.718.647.3000 x116
Email: [email protected]

Payroll and Timesheets

Company Name: ADP
Type of resources offered: Payroll, Paycards, Social Distance your Payroll 
Cost associated with this resource: No
Telehealth services: No
Contact Name: Jeremy Lisch
Phone Number: 347.880.2323
Email: [email protected]

Company Name: Visiting Aid 
Type of resources offered: eTimesheets and Covid-19 Reporting 
Cost associated with this resource: No
Description: We are offering free access to eTimesheets. Caregivers can submit their visits via computer, tablet or smartphone. Any device is compatible.
Telehealth services: Telehealth Billing 

Contact Name: John I Randone
Phone Number: 914.924.9244
Email: [email protected]
Addtional contact info: [email protected]

Recruitment and Retention

Company Name: Workstream
Type of resources offered: Workstream helps home healthcare and assisted living providers attract, hire, and retain qualified nurses and caregivers more effectively and efficiently through automated, text-based workflows.
Cost associated with this resource: Exclusive 45-day free trial for NYSHCP members only
Telehealth services: No
Additional Information: 45-day free access to Workstream's hiring and onboarding software for NYSHCP members. We help providers source more applicants and follow up with them the second they apply via automated text messages. Applicants can upload certifications and other documents via their mobile phones, reducing time to hire by 70%.
Contact Name: Daniel Huang
Phone Number: 307.399.8212
Email: [email protected]


Company Name: AlayaCare
Type of resources offered: Screening
AlayaCare has released a COVID-19 screener as part of its home care mobile platform. The electronic screening tool can be used
before each visit and is available to personal care workers and clinicians. The application walks the user through five questions --
recommended by health authorities, and which are customizable -- and determines the potential risk of COVID-19 infection. If a risk is
assessed, an alert will be transmitted to the care providers organizational COVID-19 task force, or central management, for follow-up.
About this resource: AlayaCare is working to provide virtual care solutions for home and community organizations worldwide.
As we’re all doing our part to #StayHome to #FlattenTheCurve, AlayaCare’s new Video Conferencing feature enables care providers to
deliver care safely and remotely via virtual visit. Available from any video-enabled device, the tool is built into AlayaCare’s existing
software and is free for AlayaCare customers starting April 6th, 2020.
Cost associated with this resource:
Telehealth services:
Check out the following webinar:
This is what you can expect to get from this session:

  • Awareness of eligibility and reimbursement via through insurance and CMS through the implementation & delivery of virtual care in all 50 states.
  • Shared knowledge from providers around how CMS is adapting to T elehealth demands.
  • A demonstration of the most common practices being utilized by industry leaders.

Contact Name: Linas Ruslys
Phone Number: 416.937.8044
Email: [email protected]

Company Name: HHAeXchange
Type of resources offered: COVID-19 Caregiver Screening Survey
Cost associated with this resource: This tool is available for free to all HHAeXchange Enterprise customers
Telehealth services: No
Additional Information: To help agencies quickly identify caregivers showing signs of COVID-19, HHAeXchange has developed an effective and easy-to-use Caregiver Screening Tool. With this tool, caregivers are prompted via text or the HHAeXchange Mobile App to complete a simple COVID-19 symptoms survey.
Caregiver survey responses are captured and stored in the COVID-19 Dashboard, where agencies can quickly identify high-risk caregivers, and determine what action to take to ensure staff and patient safety
Phone Number: 855-400-4429
Email: [email protected]