Advocacy Action Center

Welcome to HCP’s Advocacy Center – learn more about engaging with State and Federal lawmakers and take action on issues impacting your business.

Contact Your Lawmakers
Take action by connecting with your lawmakers! Capwiz is an easy to use grassroots advocacy tool that will inform your lawmakers of the issues critical to your agency, staff and clients.
HCP 2018 Advocacy Action Calendar
Important dates and advocacy opportunities during the 2018-19 Legislative Session. 
HCP Position Papers
Review HCP's memos of support and opposition on key home care legislation.
Issue Briefs
Learn more about issues of key importance impacting the home care community with these one-page information sheets.
Review HCP’s verbal and written testimony submitted to Legislative Committees and State agencies regarding the State Budget, and policy issues.
Legislative Retrospective
A look back at the most recent Legislative Session and how it impacted the home care industry.