NEW LHCSA HERDS Survey Starts Tuesday, October 12


The Department of Health (DOH/the Department) anticipates releasing a NEW Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs) survey tomorrow, Tuesday, October 12.

Questions will be geared to understanding the changes in workforce since the inception of the Governor’s Executive Order #4 dated September 27, 2021 which addressed staffing shortages in hospital and other healthcare facilities that were expected to impact availability of care, threatening public health and safety as a result of the vaccine mandate.

The survey results will be used to inform decisions regarding staff shortages in the home care sector. This data is imperative to illustrate the long-term impact in home care as a result of the state’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

First and most important to note is that every LHCSA must have the appropriate personnel assigned to the proper role in the Health Commerce System (HCS) in order to complete the survey.

Survey Details

As of publication of this News Alert, DOH anticipates questions will capture workforce reductions since September 27. Various questions will be asked to understand the categoriesfor workforce changes, i.e., terminations, retirements, resignations and/or unpaid leave or furloughs and whether the cause was related to the vaccine mandate. As the survey is still under construction, we were not provided a copy of questions and details are still evolving.

DOH and HCP Follow-up

The daily survey will open at 8:00 am and is expected to be due by 1:00 pm. DOH will enlist HCP’s help in communicating the survey’s urgency and importance to non-responders. The Department will be following up with LHCSAs that do not submit the survey by the anticipated 1:00 pm deadline.

Questions about the survey may be directed to: [email protected].