HCP’s Home Care Advocacy Day Continues to Bring Big Results!

HCP’s Home Care virtual advocacy day held just last week continues to bring important results.

Last week HCP announced that Assembly Health Committee chairperson, Assemblymember Richard Gottfried, has introduced a bill at HCP’s request to repeal Public Health Law section 3605-c, which provides the statutory authority for the Department of Health to pursue the LHCSA RFO process.

Today we add to that news that Senate Aging Committee chairperson, Senator Rachel May has introduced a companion bill in the Senate. This is a vital step in the process. 

Passage of the bill, S.6640/A. 7304, to repeal the LHCSA RFO is among HCP’s highest priorities as the legislative session plans its adjournment in early June. 

HCP’s memo in support of the bill can be found on its website.

Grassroots advocacy opportunities will be coming soon to let you weigh in on this critical bill. 

HCP again expresses its gratitude to its scores of members who attended dozens of meetings with legislators to ensure support for the home care industry. 

Advocacy day allowed a serious opportunity for home care advocates to educate legislators and share with them the needs of the home care industry. HCP’s advocacy was laser-focused on the repeal of the Licensed Home Care Services Agency (LHCSA) Request for Offers (RFO) and the use of the enhanced federal medical assistance program (eFMAP) funding to ensure direct assistance to home care providers for uses like aide recruitment and retention, reimbursement of COVID related expenses, including personal protective equipment, overtime, COVID-related leave, and vaccination leave among others.