Governor Cuomo Announces Mandatory On-Site Workforce Reduction

Governor Cuomo has announced that by Executive Order he is ordering all businesses in the State, with certain exceptions, to reduce its workforce. As of Sunday, March 22, a 100% reduction is in effect.

Under this Executive Order healthcare, pharmacies, food, shipping and supplies are considered essential services which are exempt from this Executive Order. 

Essential health care operations include:

  • research and laboratory services
  • hospitals
  • walk-in-care health facilities
  • veterinary and animal health services
  • elder care
  • medical wholesale and distribution
  • doctor and dentist offices
  • nursing homes, or residential health care facilities or congregate care facilities
  • medical supplies and equipment providers

Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders can be found here

COVID-19 Resources

To keep track of the resources available to home care agencies, please visit HCP’s Coronavirus Resource page.