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Cybersecurity for Home Care Providers - 60 minutes. In the past year, cyber threats to health care institutions have become more frequent. Targeted attacks on patient data place patient safety and agencies at risk. In the event of an attack, liability falls solely on the provider. This webinar will discuss the most recent threats to cybersecurity, compliance issues, regulatory and patient safety risk assessment, potential points of compromise, and cybersecurity best practices.

Attend this webinar to increase awareness of the most prevalent cyber threats in health care and understand how to best assess the quality of your facility's cybersecurity.

This webinar will cover: perimeter Controls (physical and logical access controls)
,Cybersecurity Risk Management in general (IT infrastructure, EMR, mobile devices), Cloud services risks and best practices, Business associates risks and best practices (third party billers, coders, IT consultants, vendors), Potential penalties and other adverse actions (OMIG / HHS), How to conduct a proper risk assessment, Operational Reviews (SOC audits) and HIPAA and other compliance reviews.
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