Customer Service Strategies that Separate You Download
The competition is fierce. Many of the services you provide are similar to those provided by other companies in your area. Continually patients and referral sources are trying to differentiate one healthcare provider from another. The one key difference is the quality of the customer service they provide. From the initial greeting on the phone, to the final words when a caregiver leaves the home, and the assistance offered a family member regarding billing and insurance, every patient interaction affects your brand and ultimately your revenues. This program is about creating a customer experience that exceeds all others. For most customers needing the services of a home care company is not in their life plan, so the service you provide can make all the difference in not only what they repeat about this experience but whether they continue to be your customer. This program could be the most important you have ever attended as it can have a tremendous impact on revenues and your brand. Learning Objectives: 1. Identify the two major elements of service success, 2. Define the philosophy of a customer driven organization, 3. Identify the strategies of good communications with your customers, 4. Learn how to admit you are wrong and enhance your patient relationship, 5. Learn the strategies for handling a complaint and how to thank the customer for complaining.
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