Companionship Exemption Elimination-Impact Live-ins Download
Companionship Exemption Elimination-Impact on Live-ins-90 minutes. Per an October 1, 2013 final rule issued by the US Department of Labor (DOL), major changes to the Companionship Exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are scheduled to become effective on January 1, 2015. In addition to changes impacting requirements related to minimum wage, overtime, and travel, the rendered rule will also alter the standard work and hour structure for live-in aides. This webinar will cover: review of the basic requirements under the new rule, changes to the payable work hours and tracking structure for live-in aides, issues of Joint Employment, including: Regulatory clarification and Risks and interpretations, look at best practices, business approaches and strategies for managing live-in aides plus: Implications of a recent Class Action Lawsuit on livein certification.
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