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Compliance Readiness Series-Compliance in a Sea of Change
New York State Home Care Providers continue to wrestle with the ongoing regulatory updates that impact agency policy, practice and compliance.  How do providers integrate these regulatory changes and streamline processes to continue to meet compliance during these challenging times? This quarterly compliance series will address the dynamic compliance landscape that requires home care providers to heighten their compliance initiatives and avoid financial penalties.   Join this CHC... Details
When: March 22 – December 13, 2022
Where: Webinar Series
Workers’ Compensation Best Practices for Home Care Industry
This webinar will show you how to best manage your workers’ compensation exposure to keep your employees safe and maximize your profits and productivity.  You will learn about industry trends that are impacting your workers’ safety and your expenses.  By being pro-active you can operate a safety conscious workplace with a culture of caring that increases profits. Presented by Friedlander Group,... Details
When: July 19, 2022
Where: Webinar
Preparing for the October 1 Home Care Worker Wage Increase
From reimbursement challenges to compliance questions regarding the $2.00 increase, there is no shortage of concerns or questions about the impending increase to the wage of home care workers by $2.00.  This webinar will review the requirements of the law, the reimbursement and funding challenges related to the same, any updates from CMS or the New York Department of Health as October 1 approaches, wage and hour considerations, bargaining considerations for employers with unionized... Details
When: August 24, 2022
Where: Webinar
2022 HCP PAC Fall Fundraiser
At this year’s HCP PAC Fall Fundraiser, Tuesday night from 6:30 – 8:00 pm, meet and reconnect with home care industry colleagues from across New York State. Don’t miss the chance to attend this fun event and support the essential work of the HCP PAC! For added convenience this event will take place onsite at the HCP Conference venue, Pearl River... Details
When: October 18, 2022
Where: Pearl River, NY
Exhibitors-HCP 2022 Mgmt. Conference & Exhibition
We are so happy to welcome you to participate in the 2022 HCP Annual Home Care Management Conference & Exhibition. This pivotal event brings together home care providers from across New York State to learn, network, and access strategies to stay on the cutting edge of providing quality long term care. As we enter a new era of change in the home care industry we hope to bring together agencies with organizations that can enable them to achieve the utmost... Details
When: October 19–20, 2022
Where: Pearl River, NY
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