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Advanced Home Health Aide Updates Download
Advanced Home Health Aide Updates - 60 minutes. The New York State Department of Health and State Education Department have finalized the regulations and standards that govern the training and role of the advanced home health aide. This program will cover the requirements and updates that apply to this new role in the provision of home care. Learn what requirements are mandated prior to providing these services and ensure you are up to date on regulatory and training initiatives... Details
Best practices for working with a VO Download
Home Care Pre-Claim Review Revised Requirements: Best practices for working with a VO - 60 minutes. Implementing a VO can be an extremely involved endeavor that a provider should prepare for far in advance of being notified by OMIG. For those not required to comply with the pre-claim review process, using a VO or similar services is a great way to assure compliance, and mitigate the risk of fraud and abuse. Attend this webinar to make sure your agency is prepared. This webinar will... Details
Responding to the CDPAP FI Application Download
Responding to the CDPAP FI Application - 60 minutes. On December 18, the New York State Department of Health (DOH), issued the long-awaited Request for Offers (RFO) for New York State Fiscal Intermediaries in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. This webinar will focus on key aspects to consider when responding to the RFO or submitting questions to the DOH.
The DOH Responds: CDPAP RFO Q&A Download
The DOH Responds: CDPAP RFO Q&A - 60 minutes. On January 31, the New York State Department of Health (DOH), posted 137 pages of answers to questions submitted in reference to the Request for Offers (RFO) for New York State Fiscal Intermediaries in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). This webinar will review key aspects of the DOH response and will include a verbal Q&A between the webinar presenter, Michael Weiner, Esq., and attendees. As HCP has previously... Details
Claims Management Best Practices Download
Claims Management Best Practices - 60 minutes. In New York State's Managed Care environment, managing, processing and collecting claims has presented substantial challenges for many home care providers. Join us for this timely and informative webinar to review claims management best practices and learn key strategies and tactics to help improve your claims process. You will learn: strategies and tactics for improved claims management, troubleshooting strategies for rejections and... Details
Clinical Series:  Advanced Leadership Strategies Download
Building & Advancing Clinical Leadership: Advanced Leadership Strategies - 60 minutes. The third webinar in the series will cover: 1. Collegial refinements that challenge current leadership and care models 2. Cultivation of strategies and skills to achieve balance in an unbalanced work setting 3. Building a care team that prioritizes safety, quality and best practices 4. Lifelines and more to ensure success with rapid change and high care expectations.
Building & Advancing Clinical Leadership-The Basics Download
Building & Advancing Clinical Leadership: The Basics - 60 minutes. This session will discuss the emerging roles and responsibilities required of the home care clinical leadership as well as basic and refined skills and competencies vital to meet the challenges of providing home care in New York State. 1. Discuss expanded roles and responsibilities for clinical leadership 2. Learn regulations and standards that drive skill set changes 3. Discuss common challenges identified in... Details
Building Advancing Clinical Leadershp Beyond Basics Download
Building & Advancing Clinical Leadership: Beyond the Basics - 60 minutes. The second webinar in the series will cover: 1. Refine leadership skills to meet the challenges of dynamic change. Communication, critical thinking; clinical judgement, team dynamics and more 2. Tips to survive the sea of constant change and stress; 3. Learn expert strategies to approach frequent barriers in quality care 4. How to find support networks to achieve sanity during health care melt downs
Clinical Series:  New Horizons and Beyond Download
Building & Advancing Clinical Leadership: New Horizons and Beyond - 60 minutes. The final webinar in the series will cover: 1. The Decade Leap: regulators and industry experts predict home care trends 2. Clinical leadership roles expand to meet health care trends and needs 3. Cultivating refined practice to meet current and future demands 4. Strengthening personal and professional cores complement care leadership and model revisions.
Companionship Exemption Elimination-Impact Live-ins Download
Companionship Exemption Elimination-Impact on Live-ins-90 minutes. Per an October 1, 2013 final rule issued by the US Department of Labor (DOL), major changes to the Companionship Exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are scheduled to become effective on January 1, 2015. In addition to changes impacting requirements related to minimum wage, overtime, and travel, the rendered rule will also alter the standard work and hour structure for live-in aides. This webinar will ... Details
Impact of Elimination of Companionship Exempt. Law Download
Understanding the Impact of the Elimination of the Companionship Exemption Law Under FLSA for Home Care Providers-90 minutes. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has released its final rule eliminating the companionship exemption for caregivers employed by third party agencies. As a result, beginning January 1, 2015, home care agencies across the country will be required to pay minimum wage and overtime payments to these workers. Attend this informative webinar to learn more about... Details
Compliance S1- Survey Update Successful Plans of Correction
Compliance Session 1: Survey Updates and Successful Plans of Correction - 60 minutes. What are the most recent New York State survey trends and outcomes for Licensed Home Care Providers? This program will provide the most up to date survey and plan of correction challenges experienced by NYS Home Care Providers. Join this session to hear how providers have addressed their Plans of Correction to meet updated standards and priorities detailed in the survey outcomes.
Compliance Session 2 - Confounding Regulations
Compliance Session 2: Confounding Regulations - 60 minutes.
Home Care Providers struggle to interpret and operationalize the regulatory updates before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. What’s changed and what’s the same? How can we possibly meet these demands? Join this CHC program to share your experiences and clarify some confusing standards that challenge many in Home Care. Program Objectives: identify common misunderstandings with Home Care regulations, clarify... Details
Compliance Session 3 - Continuous Quality Improvement
Compliance Session 3-Continuous Quality Improvement - 60 minutes. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is a regulatory standard for all healthcare providers. How is CQI changing with the current challenges in community care? How does CQI impact your opportunities for partnerships and growth? Join this CHC program to hear required elements of CQI and available benchmarks and tools that enhance initiatives and promote quality achievement.
1. Identify required elements for NYS... Details
Compliance Session 4: That’s a Wrap: Home Care Solutions
Compliance Session 4: That’s a Wrap: Home Care Solutions - 60 minutes. Successful providers continue to explore emerging best practices and industry innovations to address compliance challenges. This session will explore unique issues addressed with practical and innovative solutions. Join this CHC program to hear how your colleagues are adapting processes to meet home care challenges. 1. Identify unique and common compliance issues in the home care setting; 2. Explore emerging... Details
Compliance Readiness Essential Info for Licensed Download
Compliance Readiness Essential Information for Licensed Agencies: 60 minutes. The Office of Inspector General (OIG) and New York State regulators have focused on home health and personal care aides as a high risk service. Do you know what challenges have occured with recent audits and surveys in 2018? Attend this important webinar to ensure you have the latest information on recent regulatory and audit initiatives that impact compliance and contract opportunities, and learn how... Details
ABC’s of Corporate Compliance Download
ABC’s of Corporate Compliance - 60 minutes. New York State Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs) continue to refine compliance practices to meet the demands of critical Federal and State regulatory mandates. Ensure your agency meets the intent of all current regulatory standards. Join this Webinar to hear how your colleagues integrate compliance strategies to meet current regulatory demands and challenges. This webinar will identify critical compliance standards for New York ... Details
NY Medicaid Cost Report: What we learned Y1 Filing Download
NY Medicaid Cost Report: What we learned from Year 1 Filing-60 minutes. The webinar will focus on the challenges experienced on the first year’s filing of the cost report. We will walk through the schedules and discuss the challenges in completing them and how to best prepare for them going forward. We will walk through those schedules identified as the most difficult to complete and suggestions on how to address certain areas of expenses and requested information. We will include a ... Details
New York Medicaid Cost Report Part II Download
New York Medicaid Cost Report Part II - 60 minutes. This program will highlight new aspects of the recently released 2020 Home Care Cost Report and include an extended Q&A segment. Attendees will have ample opportunity to submit questions and get answers. Home Care Cost Report submissions are due on November 15, 2021. Presented by Michael Simione, Director of Cost Reports, SimiTree Healthcare Consulting.
New York Medicaid Cost Report Download
New York Medicaid Cost Report-60 minutes. The webinar will focus on the key cost report schedules and provide instruction on successful completion of the Medicaid cost reports. Attendees will get an overview of the important statistical schedules and the required information reported on those schedules. In addition, the presenters will focus on the cost schedules and provide instruction on the categorization of expenses (by line and column), the use of acceptable cost allocation... Details
Customer Service Strategies that Separate You Download
The competition is fierce. Many of the services you provide are similar to those provided by other companies in your area. Continually patients and referral sources are trying to differentiate one healthcare provider from another. The one key difference is the quality of the customer service they provide. From the initial greeting on the phone, to the final words when a caregiver leaves the home, and the assistance offered a family member regarding billing and insurance, every... Details
Cyberthreats & Cybersecurity in Health Care Download
What’s at Stake: Cyberthreats and Cybersecurity as Health Care Providers-60 minutes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a warning that the US health care system is urgently vulnerable to cyberattacks of an unprecedented magnitude. While COVID cases continued to skyrocket, the US health care sector saw a 71 percent increase in ransomware attacks last October, compared to September. At the same time, a 2020 study found that the demand for cybersecurity professionals is... Details
Cybersecurity for Home Care Providers Download
Cybersecurity for Home Care Providers - 60 minutes. In the past year, cyber threats to health care institutions have become more frequent. Targeted attacks on patient data place patient safety and agencies at risk. In the event of an attack, liability falls solely on the provider. This webinar will discuss the most recent threats to cybersecurity, compliance issues, regulatory and patient safety risk assessment, potential points of compromise, and cybersecurity best practices.... Details
Stages of Dementia: Challenges for Day-to-Day Care Download
Gain an understanding of the different stages of dementia and its effect on cognition and memory, as well as functional and communication changes at each stage. Learn about evidence-based communication techniques at each stage of dementia for more effective care with ADLs and IADLs, helping people continue to express preferences and make choices, avoiding confrontations, managing common difficulties and challenges in dementia, being a support to continued quality of life and find ... Details
Preventing Discrimination & Harassment Claims in HC Download
Preventing Discrimination & Harassment Claims in Home Care-60 minutes. Workplace harassment and discrimination issues have unfortunately become prominent recently in the news. More often than not, the improper handling of these issues has caused significant problems. Employers should attend this program to receive practical guidance, including “do’s and don’ts,” designed to help avoid basic employee discrimination and harassment claims that have become increasingly common in the... Details