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The DOH Responds: CDPAP RFO Q&A Download
The DOH Responds: CDPAP RFO Q&A - 60 minutes. On January 31, the New York State Department of Health (DOH), posted 137 pages of answers to questions submitted in reference to the Request for Offers (RFO) for New York State Fiscal Intermediaries in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). This webinar will review key aspects of the DOH response and will include a verbal Q&A between the webinar presenter, Michael Weiner, Esq., and attendees. As HCP has previously... Details
Compliance Sess 1-OMIG Compliance Update-Optional or Mandate
Compliance Session 1: OMIG Compliance Update: Optional or Mandate? - 60 minutes. What are the most recent New York State Office of Medicaid Inspector General’s (OMIG) Compliance updates? How does this apply to Licensed Home Care Agencies? Join this session to hear how NYS OMIG has updated NYS Compliance requirements and how your peers have met these challenges. 1. Identify the recent NYS OMIG compliance requirements for all providers. 2. Clarify agency policies and practices to... Details
Compliance Session 2 -  Survey Success Download
Compliance Session 2: Survey Success - 60 minutes.
What are the most recent New York State survey trends and outcomes for Licensed Home Care Providers? This program will provide the most up to date survey and audit challenges experienced by NYS Home Care Providers. Join this session to hear how providers have prepared to successfully meet expanded surveys and audits. Program Objectives 1. Identify recent New York State survey and audit trends for New York State Licensed Home... Details
Compliance Session 3 - Simplify and Strategize
Compliance Session 3-Simplify and Strategize - 60 minutes. Home Care Providers struggle to interpret and operationalize the regulatory updates during the pandemic era. What’s changed and what’s the same? How do your peers adjust practices to streamline compliance during healthcare reform? Join this HCPF program to share your experiences and clarify some confusing standards that challenge many in the Home Care setting. Program Objectives: 1. Identify regulatory updates that impact... Details
NY Medicaid Cost Report: What we learned Y1 Filing Download
NY Medicaid Cost Report: What we learned from Year 1 Filing-60 minutes. The webinar will focus on the challenges experienced on the first year’s filing of the cost report. We will walk through the schedules and discuss the challenges in completing them and how to best prepare for them going forward. We will walk through those schedules identified as the most difficult to complete and suggestions on how to address certain areas of expenses and requested information. We will include a ... Details
New York Medicaid Cost Report Part II Download
New York Medicaid Cost Report Part II - 60 minutes. This program will highlight new aspects of the recently released 2020 Home Care Cost Report and include an extended Q&A segment. Attendees will have ample opportunity to submit questions and get answers. Home Care Cost Report submissions are due on November 15, 2021. Presented by Michael Simione, Director of Cost Reports, SimiTree Healthcare Consulting. Recorded September 2, 2021.
New York Medicaid Cost Report Download
New York Medicaid Cost Report-60 minutes. The webinar will focus on the key cost report schedules and provide instruction on successful completion of the Medicaid cost reports. Attendees will get an overview of the important statistical schedules and the required information reported on those schedules. In addition, the presenters will focus on the cost schedules and provide instruction on the categorization of expenses (by line and column), the use of acceptable cost allocation... Details
Customer Service Strategies that Separate You Download
The competition is fierce. Many of the services you provide are similar to those provided by other companies in your area. Continually patients and referral sources are trying to differentiate one healthcare provider from another. The one key difference is the quality of the customer service they provide. From the initial greeting on the phone, to the final words when a caregiver leaves the home, and the assistance offered a family member regarding billing and insurance, every... Details
Cyberthreats & Cybersecurity in Health Care Download
What’s at Stake: Cyberthreats and Cybersecurity as Health Care Providers-60 minutes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a warning that the US health care system is urgently vulnerable to cyberattacks of an unprecedented magnitude. While COVID cases continued to skyrocket, the US health care sector saw a 71 percent increase in ransomware attacks last October, compared to September. At the same time, a 2020 study found that the demand for cybersecurity professionals is... Details
Employment Update-New Joint Employer Rule-NYS Paid Lv Law
Employment Update: New Joint Employer Rule and NYS Paid Leave Law-60 minutes. This webinar will cover the recently effective New York State Paid Leave Law as well as the US Department of Labor’s new Joint Employer Rule. Attend this session to learn how employers of various sizes must comply with the NYS Paid Leave Law and the latest on the US Department of Labor’s new Joint Employer rule under the Fair Labor Standards Act as well as the ongoing litigation concerning the lawfulness of ... Details
FMAP Funding Solutions Download
FMAP Funding Solutions - 60 minutes. Enhanced Federal Medicaid Assistance Percentage (FMAP) funding requires innovative implementation solutions. Join this webinar for unique solutions and guidance in three priority areas of allocation: recruitment and retention; training; and value-based payments (VBP).

HCP Vice President of Public Policy Laura Ehrich will give a brief overview and summarize key points from the January 6 Department of Health webinar. HCP/CHC President... Details
Home Care Forum 2021 Download
HCP Public Policy Update

HCP’s Public Policy Team will provide an update on the status of the State Budget process and other legislative and regulatory updates and its advocacy efforts to ensure the needs of the home care industry are addressed. We will also bring you the latest news on where things stand with respect to COVID-19 Vaccinations.

Managed Care and LHCSAs – Managing in a Changing Landscape
Tricia Asaro, Shareholder, & Jane Preston, Senior... Details
Gender Identity and Expression in the Workplace Download
Gender Identity and Expression in the Workplace-60 minutes.
Don’t Wait for a Complaint. Join Glaser & Weiner, P.C. for a webinar focused on gender identity and expression in the workplace and emerging legal issues facing employers. In this webinar, attendees will receive: an overview of federal, NYS and NYC anti-discrimination laws related to gender identity and expression; critical information and guidance to help claims of discrimination and create beneficial employee... Details
Legalization of Marijuana in New York State Download
Up in Smoke-Legalization of Marijuana in New York State - 60 minutes. The advent of legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana in New York creates a host of new obligations and risks for employers. Attend this program to learn about new job protections for users of marijuana and the impact those protections may have on your drug-free workplace policies and testing programs. Presented by Hodgson Russ. Recorded December 16, 2021.
Proposed LHCSA CON Regulations Download
Proposed LHCSA CON Regulations: What You Need to Know - 60 minutes. On November 6, 2019, the New York State Department of Health (DOH) issued a proposed regulation to implement changes to the application review and Certificate of Need (CON) process for licensed home care services agencies (LHCSAs) to include information on the public need for additional LHCSAs and the financial resources of the proposed agency, in addition to the existing character and competence review. The proposed ... Details
Best Practices Working with MCO’s EVV/Claims Intermediaries
Best Practices Working with MCO’s EVV/Claims Intermediaries-60 minutes. A number of New York Managed Care Organizations (MCO) have initiated utilizing a third party aggregator to provide EVV and claims aggregation and validation. This new process has created new challenges for providers and has impacted the level of effort required to manage operations, revenue cycle, and cash flow. It is important for providers to understand the pitfalls, so they can initiate procedures to minimize... Details
Managed Long Term Care VBP Contracting Download
Learn about the types of value based payment (VBP) contracting available for long term care providers and gain insight into how best to navigate participation in VBP. New York State’s Medicaid program has an overall goal of moving towards VBP. This general shift towards VBP combined with the substantial regulatory changes occurring in the home care industry and the incentivizing of consolidation among agencies means that many agencies and new entities will be contracting with... Details
Moratorium No More: Reviewing New LHCSA Application Download
Moratorium No More: Reviewing the New LHCSA Application-60 minutes. It has been four long years since the Licensed Home Care Services Agency (LHCSA) licensure moratorium was implemented, but the NYS Department of Health (DOH/the Department) has finally issued DAL 22-14 detailing new standards and outlining the application process for LHCSA licensure. This webinar will review aspects of the new application including the enacted public need methodology and how an agency can apply... Details
Complying with the NYC Earned Sick Time Act Download
Complying with the NYC Earned Sick Time Act - 60 minutes. Providers that employ workers in New York City could face potentially devastating fines and lawsuits for non-compliance with the New York City Earned Sick Time Act, as the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs has begun vigorously auditing and investigating complaints of non-compliance by home care agencies!
Attend this webinar, Complying with the NYC Earned Sick Time Act, presented by attorney Emina Poricanin from Hodgson ... Details
Tips and Tricks for Working with NY Payers Download
Tips and Tricks for Working with NY Payers: 60 minutes. Managed Care in New York is an ever-developing environment. This webinar will focus on specific components of the revenue cycle that still appear to be challenging for many agencies and provide guidance on how to successfully navigate them. Attend this program for updates on the newest developments in the payer market - events from earlier this year and those still maturing, and how your agency can adapt. This program will... Details
Wage Parity Changes-How to Adjust to New Requirements
The Wage Parity Changes: How to Adjust to New Requirements - 60 minutes. The NYS 20-21 Budget bill imposed sweeping changes to the Wage Parity Law that, for some covered providers, will drastically alter how wage parity plans are established and administered. All providers will be required to adjust their procedures in regards to reporting and documenting wage parity compliance. This webinar will review the major changes to the Wage Parity Law and provide suggestions on how... Details
Wage Parity, Paystubs and Reporting 101 Download
Wage Parity, Paystubs and Reporting 101 - 60 minutes. On April 1, 2020, amendments to the Wage Parity law altered the reporting landscape requiring employers to make several changes including to the information reported to Home Health Aides and Personal Assistants each pay period. The deadline to begin this reporting is October 1st. In this webinar, wage parity specialists will discuss the new mandate from legal, conceptual and practical perspectives. Don’t miss this enlightening... Details
HCP Members Only Post-Budget Briefing
Statewide Budget Update and Post-Budget Preview with HCP's Public Policy Team. This virtual post-budget briefing will offer HCP members an exclusive update and analysis on key provisions contained within the State Budget impacting the home and community-based care industry. HCP will provide updates on legislative matters and brief members on how they can participate in upcoming advocacy efforts. HCP’s priorities in the final month of the legislative session will include addressing... Details
Preparing for New York State Paid Sick Leave Law Download
Preparing for New York State Paid Sick Leave Law - 60 minutes.
Employers will be required to comply with the New York State Paid Sick Leave requirements by September 30, 2020. The law will make, for the first time, certain workers eligible to receive paid time off. It will require companies to track such employees’ sick time accruals, and ensure proper carry-over policies are in place for unused sick time. In some cases, employers will be required to advance sick time for... Details
Value-Based Payments: A Primer Download
Value-Based Payments: A Primer - 60 minutes. Value based payments (VBP) will have huge impact on the home care reimbursement system. Designed to be an efficient way to deliver high quality care with measurable outcomes, the goal of VBP is to move home care from a fee-for-service methodology to linking provider payments with improved performance. This program will focus on the basic principles surrounding VBP, and the necessary tasks to prepare for this risk adjustment payment model. ... Details