UPDATED--Budget irony: cutting cost-saving home care

UPDATE (2/10/09):

Channel 9 News of Syracuse covers the restructuring proposals by interviewing Sandra Martin of HCP member Home Aides of Central New York.

Ithaca Journal: Governor's budget cuts likely to hurt county health services.

UPDATE (2/9/09):

The Associated Press has released an article highlighting the ironic trend  "of moving more patients from hospitals and nursing homes into less expensive, more effective home care treatment faces potential budget cuts in New York despite its potential to save governments millions of Medicaid dollars."

Rebecca Leahy of HCP member North Country Home Services spoke to radio station WNBZ of Saranac Lake about the Governor's devastating proposals to restructure home care along with extensive budget cuts.


UPDATE (2/2/09):

HCP President Phyllis Wang (left) and Board Chair Bader Reynolds testified on the New York State Executive Budget before a joint hearing of the Senate Finance Committee and Assembly Ways & Means Committee, telling committee members of the devastating impact the Governor's proposals will have on access to cost-saving home care. Here is their written testimony and an HCP press release. Below is a brief video excerpt from Reynolds' testimony in which she explains the impact on home care in terms of lost jobs and disruption of care.




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