What is Home Care?



What is home care?

The scope of home care is very broad, and it is much more than care for the elderly. The term "home health care" is often used to refer to skilled clinical treatments such as the services of a registered nurse or physical therapist. In fact, the term "home care" is a more apt description of the range of both medical and supportive services designed to bolster the post-actue, chronically ill, disabled and elderly populations that home care providers serve.

For many people, home care is homemaking, personal care or nutrition and hygiene and adaptive devices to prevent slips and falls. Receiving this type of assistance in the home is as important to the daily living activities of these people as sophisticated health technologies delivered at home.

Who needs home care?

A wide variety of people of any age benefit from and receive care at home. This includes those discharged from hospitals who frequently need short-term care as they recover at home. Among the older population, most prefer to remain at home as long as they can and receiving assistance with daily living activities allows them to do so for far longer than would be possible if they had no help. Younger adults who are disabled can choose care at home and generally prefer to receive care in this manner. Today's medical and technolology advances allow chronically ill children to benefit from sophisticated medical treatment in their homes.

Who pays for home care services?

Home care services are paid for through a variety of sources, including the Federal Medicare program, private health insurance, and New York State's Medicaid home care programs. Other options include purchasing long-term care insurance and many people choose to purchase home care services privately. For more home care payment information, visit Home Care Payment Options.

Who do I call to get started?

HCP recommends that you contact any of our members and review your specific situation. The agency will explain the services they offer and help you decide if they are the right agency for you. HCP member agencies all sign a statement of purpose and values pledging to "hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct." Most are either licensed or certified by New York State and many are also accredited by independent accrediting organizations. To locate an agency that provides services in your area, visit our Find a Provider search directory. Most counties in New York have an Office for the Aging that can help you understand what options are available when you are looking for care for the elderly.

How do I select the right agency?

Each individual situation is unique and requires an assessment based on many factors. It is most important to remember that patients and their families have choices when selecting care options. For information about choosing the right agency, visit How to Choose a Home Care Agency.

What is Hospice?

Hospice provides care and support for the terminally ill. The goal of Hospice is to ease the pain and suffering of these individuals so that they may live out their life lives as comfortably as possible. Hospice also offers support services for the families of the terminally ill.







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