HCP History

The Early Years

In the early 1970’s, several home care agencies on Long Island joined forces and formed the New York State Association of Professional Home Health Care Providers, Inc. now known as the New York State Association of Health Care Providers, Inc. (HCP).

During the early years of HCP, the association focused on local Department of Social Services issues surrounding the newly emerging Personal Care Program. Members met monthly to discuss issues of concern within the home care industry. One of the first major tasks became the fight to end discrimination against proprietary home care agencies on both the State and Federal levels. HCP advocated for reform of the New York State Insurance Law to allow insurance reimbursements for home care services.

HCP's Transition Years

Until 1985 HCP was completely volunteer-run. Working from a home office, the newly appointed Executive Director Patricia Page developed HCP’s first major education seminar on licensure compliance. Then in 1986, Phyllis A. Wang was elected Board Chair.

HCP emerged from that retreat with a new mission and renewed pride. Phyllis A. Wang became HCP President that year and Edna Lauterbach became HCP’s fourth Board Chair.

HCP opened its first office in 1988, at 90 State Street in Albany, a move that signified a commitment to broader, statewide issues. By 1990, the newly-formed Community Health Care Services Foundation, Inc. (CHC) began to offer extensive educational programs, including the still-popular Home Care Management Institute.

In 1995, HCP retained the first Federal lobbyist which, expanded the role of the State lobbying firm and established the Health Care Provider Federal Political Action Committee (HCP Federal PAC)--all in order to address the Federal issues now greatly impacting HCP members.

HCP Today

Over the years, HCP has continually changed to provide key support for its members. Whether the issue is the transition to Managed Care, unfunded mandates, workforce shortages, reductions in reimbursement, or the implementation to the Affordable Care Act, members can always rely on HCP to lead the way through advocacy, information and education.

Board Chairpersons

2016 - present
Rick Schaefer

Susan Bayerl

Bader Reynolds

Paula Reichel

Robert Callaghan

Todd Brason

Lisa Evans

Thomas Briody

Edna Lauterbach

Phyllis Wang

Norma Recco

Maurice Kelly

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