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Since its inception Home Care Connect has coordinated nearly 50 
successful home visits.

Your agency can be next!


Accessing cost-efficient and quality health care is a major concern for many New Yorkers, which is why many elected representatives participate in HCP's Home Care Connect. This is a home care visitation program sponsored by HCP. Home Care Connect provides State and Federal Legislators the opportunity to observe the benefits of home and community-based care in action.

Interested in participating in a Home Care Connect visit? HCP can support your agency in arranging home visits with elected officials in their districts as a way to introduce them to the many benefits of home care.

Agencies participating in Home Care Connect will arrange the visit, secure necessary permissions from clients and employees, and conduct media outreach if appropriate. Those setting up home visits may use HCP as a resource for assistance and further promotion of the visit.

Please contact Brianne Galli, Associate for Public Policy, at 518.463.1118, ext. 811 or galli@nyshcp.org to start setting up a visit.


Connect with Home Care

Are you an HCP member interested in participating in Home Care Connect? Please fill out the sign-up form and fax it to Brianne Galli at 518.463.1606.

Legislators! Are you interested in participating? Contact Brianne at 518.463.1118, ext. 811.

Home Care Connect News

2011 Home Care Connect Visits

Assembly Member William Scarborough (4/27/11)
State Senator David Carlucci (4/8/11)

2010 Home Care Connect Visits

State Senator Stachowski (8/13/10)
Congress Member Dan Maffei (1/5/10)

2009 Home Care Connect Visits

Congress Member McCarthy (11/30/10)
State Senator Johnson (9/24/09)
Assembly Member Saladino (8/27/09)
Congress Member Bishop (8/3/09)
State Senator Volker (5/22/09)
Assembly Member Bacalles (5/14/09)
Assembly Member Skartados (4/15/09)

2008 Home Care Connect Visits

Assembly Member Morelle (12/12/08)
Assembly Member P Lopez (6/13/08)
Assembly Member Gordon (5/16/08)
State Senator Thompson (4/23/08)

2007 Home Care Connect Visits

Assembly Member Duprey (9/4/07)
Congress Member Higgins (8/22/07)
Assembly Member Sayward (8/10/07)
State Senator Rath (8/6/07)
Assembly Member Tedisco (5/24/07)
State Senator Skelos (5/4/07)
Assembly Member Bradley (5/1/07)
Assembly Member Paulin (2/21/07)
Assembly Member DelMonte (2/12/07)
Congress Member Towns (1/24/07)

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