CHC (Community Health Care Services Foundation, Inc.) is the premier educational resource for home and community-based care and an affiliate of HCP.

High Quality Education Programs

Founded in 1989, CHC has been providing high quality education and training programs since 1990. CHC offers programming for all levels of home care workers, from owners to administrators to managers to clinicians and paraprofessionals. CHC programs are offered in many formats including onsite conferences, Webinars, video-streaming programs, audio programs. Visit the CHC Web site to get more information on upcoming educational programs.

Grants and Research

CHC develops grant projects that support the home care industry. Recent CHC grants include:

  • Grant funding from the Cardinal Health Foundation for the translation of nine paraprofessional CHC Home Care Community Forums (Forums) into Spanish and Russian.
  • A contract with the NYS Department of Health (DOH) and the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) for emergency preparedness training for home care.paraprofessionals and community volunteers on public health threats and emergencies including pandemic flu, terrorism and bioterrorism.
  • A grant from Hoffman-LaRoche for a paraprofessional education program on HIV/AIDs.
  • Funding from DOH, Iroquois Healthcare Association and Hudson Mohawk AHEC for home care training for displaced hospital and nursing home care workers.
  • As a subcontractor on a collaborative grant with Cornell University from the NYS Health Foundation to study depression in elderly home care patients.

The CHC Web site has more information on CHC's grants helps HCP members with their own grant seeking activities.

CHC Educational Programs

CHC provides high quality educational programs specifically for the home care industry. 

Click here to see all CHC's upcoming programs.

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