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As an association of home health providers, and as advocates for the home care community, it is HCP's responsibility to fight for greater access to quality home and community-based services. Successful advocacy, however, is much more than one voice - it is many voices, united

Get involved. Stay involved! Here are just a few of the ways HCP members can help communicate the importance of the home care industry on the State and national stage. The time to take action is now! 


Legislative Action Center 
HCP's Legislative Action Center (LAC) is the place for both the beginner and experienced grassroots advocates alike to send a pro-home care message to representatives in Albany and Washington, D.C. Visit the LAC today to correspond with elected officials.

Advocacy Action Calendar

Take action throughout the year on State budgetary, legislative and regulatory priorities.

Home Care Connect

The Home Care Connnect program matches legislators with HCP member home care agencies for special home visits. Find out how you can participate!

State Political Action Committee

The HCP PAC is a key part of the Association's State advocacy efforts on behalf of members. Become involved by making a pledge to the HCP PAC.

Federal Political Action Committee

Important decisions are being made in Washington, D.C. regarding the future of home care. Help HCP spread the home care message by participating in FedPAC.

Be an Advocate!

Become a better home care advocate in just 30 minutes!  View HCP's Guide to Grassroots Advocacy video.

HCP 2017 Advocacy Day

HCP PACs Need Your Help!
Strong Political Action Committees (PACs) are vital to making the public aware of issues affecting home and community-based care.  Visit the State HCP PAC and FedPAC pages to learn how you can participate in raising awareness about home care.

Contact the State Legislature

In addition to using HCP's Legislative Action Center (LAC) to contact the State Legislature, you can also find a complete listing of emails addresses and phone and fax numbers for Legislative offices on Albany and in each District.

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