State Government: Regulations

New York State rules and regulations for home care provide an important framework in which all operate. Here you will find information relevant to the home care and hospice industry including data and information released from relevant State agencies as well as content and analysis that has been generated from HCP.


Current Issues

Find the latest updates from New York State government agencies affecting home and community-base care and your business.

Training & Certification

Is your agency in compliance with DOH regulations? Learn more about updates and guidance.

Medicare & Medicaid Compliance

Stay abreast of the latest in Medicare & Medicaid compliance.

Criminal History Record Check (CHRC)

CHRC guidance is regularly issued from DOH. Stay on top of the latest requirements.


Labor issues such as minimum wage requirements and living wage mandates commonly are critical pieces of information for providers. Find this and more on the Labor page.

Emergency Preparedness

Is your agency prepared for natural and man made emergencies?  Visit this section for information on how to prepare for and handle emergencies.

Certificate of Need Reform

All relevant information on the Certificate of Need (CON) reform process


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