HCP Statement of Purpose, Services, Values & Commitment

HCP's Purpose

To represent our membership by:
Influencing the future of the home care industry; 
Leading the industry in adapting, evolving and thriving within a changing health care 
environment; and 
Setting the industry standards for quality, cost-effective client care.

HCP's Services

We accomplish our purpose through: 
Advocacy: Representation before the legislative and regulatory bodies
Communication: Frequent and timely industry updates
Education: Programs, seminars and resource materials
Research: The gathering and analysis of industry data
Additional Member Services: A variety of services to meet the changing business, clinical and operational needs of our members,including group purchasing, insurance, etc.
Network of Strong Regional Structures: Chapters designed for member interaction, communication, counsel and action on State and local issues
Collaboration: Cooperative, mutually beneficial ventures with others within the health care industry
Public Relations: Comprehensive promotion of the home care industry 
Clinical Expertise: Development and use of clinical expertise
Vision: A shared, dynamic view of the strategic direction of this Association within our industry
Leadership Development: Opportunities for our members to grow 


HCP's Values and Commitment

Quality & Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct. We bring integrity, honesty and responsible behavior to all of our endeavors—and encourage that in our members—so we forever maintain the credibility and reputation of this Association.
Advocacy: We represent our members with tenacity, strength and responsiveness to their needs, balancing our efforts on their behalf between protection of the status quo and progress toward the future.
Communication: We stay connected to our members and constituents through timely, accurate and thorough information-sharing and dialogue.
Unity: We involve our membership in our decision-making and include our industry colleagues in our efforts as much as possible, so we can speak as one, united industry.
Entrepreneurial Spirit: We bring vision, creativity, energy, flexibility and hard work to all that we do. We make things happen that we believe in and do not give up easily.
Cost-Effectiveness: We provide value for the investment made by our members in our Association. We promote the cost-effectiveness of home care to the public and the health care industry.

Statement of Purpose, Services and Values Adopted by HCP Board of Directors, 1994. 


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