DOH Updates HCP on FLSA, CDPAS Wage Parity, and MLTC Issues

Last Monday, HCP Public Policy staff met with officials in the New York State Department of Health (DOH) Office of Health Insurance Programs (OHIP) via conference call to receive updates on some of the pressing issues affecting home care providers in managed long term care (MLTC).

Representing DOH on the call were John Ulberg, Director of the Division of Finance and Rate Setting (DFRS), Dan Carmody, Director of DFRS Bureau of Managed Care Reimbursement, Eric Henderson, Deputy Director of the Division of Long Term Care, and other OHIP staff.

The meeting was scheduled to follow up on outstanding issues HCP raised with DOH through extensive correspondence and in a previous conference call, including disbursement of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) funds, implementation of Wage Parity in the consumer directed personal assistance services (CDPAS) program, and other MLTC issues (HCP Insider, 5/26/17).

Read the full article in the June 6, 2017 issue of the HCP Insider.



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