HCP Partners with NAHC to Offer Webinar on the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) is partnering with state associations, including HCP, to offer a comprehensive six-part webinar series during June designed to help providers understand and meet the requirement of the Rule, which becomes effective as of November 15, 2017.

Presented by HCP Associate Member Barbara Citarella, President and CEO of RBC Limited, each part of the series will give providers an in-depth understanding of the CMS Rule’s requirements. The series will take place on the following dates and cover the following topics:

  • June 1 – Part 1: Overview of the Regulations
    • Including lessons learned, home care and hospice’s role in an event, all-hazards approach, and components of the regulation.
  • June 6 – Part 2: Starting the Plan
    • Including four phases of emergency management, the National Response Framework, Incident Command System (ICS), and Hazard Vulnerability Assessment.
  • June 8 – Part 3: Building the Plan
    • Continuity of operations, defining essential function, succession planning, human resources, alternate location, defining patient populations, and data management.
  • June 13 – Part 4: Development of Policies and Procedures
    • Patient classification systems, transportation classifications, surge capacity, HIPAA/information technology, tracking patients and staff, and roles and definitions.
  • June 15 – Part 5: Communication
    • Health care coalitions, specific hospice requirements, memorandums of understanding, government emergency telecommunications system, collaborative relationships with local, State, Federal, and Indian Tribe Nations, methodologies for communication, and utilizing the ICS in communications.
  • June 27 – Part 6: Testing and Training
    • Annual/Orientation requirements, documentation of training, types of exercises (tabletop, functional, full-scale), after action report, revising and updating the plan.

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