HCP Presses Joint Budget Conference Committee on Home Care Priorities

HCP continued its aggressive advocacy last week as negotiations on the Fiscal Year (FY) 2017-18 State Budget moved forward.

Last Monday, HCP sent letters to Senate and Assembly leaders, Health Committee members, and members of the Joint Budget Conference Subcommittee on Health detailing HCP’s position on the health provisions in the Senate’s and Assembly’s respective one-house Budget proposals. HCP also sent letters to members of the Joint Budget Conference Subcommittee on Human Services and Labor, urging them to advance Workers’ Compensation reforms in the State Budget.

Later in the week, HCP followed up with email Action Alerts, a one-page Budget memo to the entire State Legislature summarizing its positions, and outreach to the Governor’s office. HCP members are encouraged to participate in HCP’s ongoing advocacy on the State Budget.

Budget Update

With only a week before the Budget deadline, it is still too early to tell what will be included in the final State Budget for FY 2017-18. The Joint Budget Conference Committee and Subcommittees only met once this week, on Monday night, and no further announcements have been made regarding how much funding they will have to allocate (known as “table targets”) or when they will meet again. While closed-door negotiations continued throughout the week between the Senate, Assembly, and Governor’s office, no major announcements were made this week regarding Budget agreements.

The significant uncertainties regarding future Federal funding and programmatic changes to the Affordable Care Act have also cast a shadow over the State Budget process. Members of both Houses have spoken out against Governor Cuomo’s proposal to allow the Executive to make unilateral Budget modifications in the event of major changes to Federal funding. State Legislators want to be part of any decision-making that would be required in this event. Meanwhile, Cuomo told reporters yesterday that the State may miss the April 1 Budget deadline due to uncertainties over Federal funding.

Read the full article in the March 24, 2017 issue of the HCP Insider.


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