Focus is a quarterly publication published by CHC that provides information about CHC educational programs, and offers advice and information about grants relative to the home care industry.

Focus 2011 Issues
The Importance of Maintaining Agency Compliance
Learning the Ins and Outs of Running a Licensed Home Care Agency in New York State
Home Care Emergency Preparedness

Focus 2010 IssuesFocus 2010
Spring 2010 Behavioral Health Challenges in Home Health Care.Effects of Tai Chi Qigong Among Senior Apartment Residents.

Focus 2009 Issues
How can home care agencies benefit from the stimulus? The Performance Paradox. Grant readiness a wise investment. A treasure trove of education.

Focus 2008 Issues
In tough times, securing a grant often a matter of "fit." Paraprofessional education is a key priority. What's the Forum all about? Agencies have put "member initiatives to good use. A "surge" is needed in emergency preparedness.

Focus 2007 Issues
The alphabet soup of health technology. CHC's grant projects make a difference for home care around the country. Forum programs provide valuable training for home care paraprofessionals.

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