Upcoming 2017 Educational Seminars

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Home Care Coordinator Workshop

Tuesday, April 25
10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Long Island Marriott

The role of coordinators and schedulers is essential for all home care agencies, and coordinators can be critically important in maintaining customer satisfaction. In this workshop, coordinators and schedulers will receive hands-on training about effectively managing day-to-day challenges and learn strategies for accommodating caseloads and how to develop flexibility to deal with unforeseen challenges.

Coordinators/schedulers will build core coordinator skills including:

• Efficient tracking of service hours
• Tools for producing efficient schedules
• How to help meet quality goals
• Tips to problem solve service delivery concerns
• How to respond to incidents and complaints
• How to increase customer satisfaction
• How to reduce overtime
• Strategies for dealing with difficult people

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Onsite Program

LHCSA 101 & 501 Series: How to Effectively Operate a Licensed Home Care Services Agency in NYS

CHC is offering two in-depth, interactive programs that will provide essential information, strategies and tactics to help you run your licensed home care services agency (LHCSA) more effectively, whether you are a new or seasoned provider. Each program will cover unique aspects of operating a LHCSA in New York State, from LHCSA essentials and best practices to advanced quality initiatives and more. Plan to attend one or both programs in this LHCSA program series to improve your operations!

May 9, 2017
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Long Island Marriott

This program is designed for soon-to-be licensed and newly licensed agencies and any LHCSA that would like a comprehensive review of best practices related to operating a LHCSA. The operational framework for LHCSAs in New York State will be reviewed.

May 16, 2017
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Long Island Marriott

This more advanced level program will address important quality initiatives and implementation strategies for setting your agency apart in the changing health care market.

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Labor Law 101

Tuesday, June 6
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
New York, NY

Employment issues can lead to major liabilities for home care agencies if not handled properly. This all NEW full day program dedicated to labor law will provide key legal requirements in the employment arena with which home care agencies must comply. The following areas of employment law will be reviewed in detail:

• Wage and hour requirements for home health aides and exempt employees
• CDPAP and how to structure relationships with personal assistants and consumers
• Employee leave rights, including Family and Medical Leave, NYS Paid Family Leave, and NYC Earned Sick Time
• Discrimination and harassment
• Avoiding unionization of employees

Whether you are a new home care agency or have been in business for years, plan to attend this informative program that will give you practical and up-to-date labor law information!

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 Archived Programs available for purchase in the HCP Shoppe

Home Care Quality Initiatives: The Essential Role of Paraprofessional
Paraprofessionals play an essential - and often overlooked - role in creating tangible value and a competitive edge for your agency in a value-based payment (VBP) environment. Download this webinar to learn how to leverage your paraprofessional workforce to help meet the challenges of today's VBP landscape. Find out what information you must add to your training and orientation programs to prepare your staff and make essential reporting and recording second nature.

Complying with the NYC Earned Sick Time Act
Download this webinar presented by attorney Emina Poricanin from Hodgson Russ to find out what your agency must do to properly notify employees of their entitlements to sick time leave under this Act to avoid potentially devastating fines and lawsuits for non-compliance with the New York City Earned Sick Time Act.

Complying with Executive Order 38
Download this Webinar to learn what actions must be taken to comply with the regulation limiting executive compensation and administrative expenses of service providers receiving State funds or State-authorized payments.

Survey Readiness for Licensed Home Care Providers
Download this webinar to ensure your agency meets the intent of all current regulatory standards. Proactively prepare to meet DOH Survey demands and challenges!

Demystifying the Plan of Correction
This webinar identifies the key elements of an acceptable Plan of Correction, list common Plan of Correction errors, detail agency strategies, discuss tips/tools, and review ePOC system.

ABC’s of Corporate Compliance
This webinar identifies critical compliance standards for New York State LHCSAs, list common compliance challenges for New York State LHCSAs, and detail strategies to successfully address compliance challenges with clinicians and administrative staff.

Best Practices for Working with a VO
Implementing a Verification Organization (VO) for Medicaid pre-claim reviews can be an extremely involved endeavor. For those not required to comply with the pre-claim review process, using a VO or similar services is a great way to assure compliance, and mitigate the risk of fraud and abuse.

Wage & Hour Issues for CDPAS Providers
Download this webinar to learn about issues and requirements affecting FIs, including: joint employment, local living wage law compliance, credits for provided lodging, accurately tracking work hours and lawful compensation policies.

Value-Based Purchasing: A Primer
Value based payments (VBP) will have huge impact on the home care reimbursement system. Download this webinar to learn more about: value based purchasing; the challenges facing home care and hospice providers in adapting to this model and; strategies your agency can begin to prepare now.

Home Care Quality Initiatives
This program addresses the required quality initiatives that impact community partnerships during Health Care Reform and value-based purchasing to help Licensed Home Care Providers begin to identify and quantify the quality metrics imperative for the transforming healthcare market.

Cybersecurity for Home Care Providers
In the past year, cyber threats to health care institutions have become more frequent. Targeted attacks on patient data place patient safety and agencies at risk with liability falling solely on the provider. Download this webinar to learn where you are most vulnerable as a business and as a home care provider, and action steps to become less susceptible.

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Clinical Leadership Series for NYS Licensed Home Care Providers

“White Collar” Overtime Exemption Amendment: Special Program for Home Care Providers


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